Melatropin – Tanning Evolved: My Own 30 Day Review

Melatropin Tanning Evolved

This is my personal experience with Melatropin.

I have personally tested dozens of tanning pills over the years, so I more or less know what works and what doesn’t.

Some of them are total garbage. Completely useless.

Others might darken you up, but they end up making your skin look orange instead of naturally tan. Or they do actually make you tan but you have to inject them.

When I first heard of Melatropin I was a little skeptical, since I haven’t had good results with any kind of tanning pill before. But, after talking with some users that raved about the results they were getting, I decided to write a Melatropin review and see for myself.

After the first week in, I could clearly tell that this was something totally different.

tan progress 1

I was seeing an obvious improvement in skin tone with only average amount of time in the sun (for me). Not only was I visibly darker, I wasn’t getting orange like I had feared.

Instead I looked like I had gotten a month’s worth of tanning in just 7 days. And it was a completely natural, “bronze” color.

After this unexpectedly good first impression, I decided to write a full review of Melatropin to rate its usefulness as a tanning pill.

I took the full recommended dose (4 pills a day) for 30 days, getting sun but not any more than I would get normally. I wanted to keep everything else consistent for a fair review.

After 30 days, I was blown away with how much it had improved my tan. Color and skin tone were fantastic. Even though I can tan fairly well normally, I noticed a deeper “glow” to my skin that I hadn’t been able to get before.

All in all – Great results. If you’re looking to get better color in the sun or otherwise improve your tan, I would HIGHLY recommend trying Melatropin.

What is Melatropin? And What is a Melanogenic Compound?

According to their website, Melatropin is “a natural melanogenic compound scientifically formulated to promote a deep bronze tan.”


I wasn’t sure exactly what a melanogenic compound was, so I emailed their support team to ask what it meant. I told them I was writing a Melatropin review and I needed some basic info.

They told me it referred to it helping to stimulate melanin production – “melano” is short for melanocyte, the cells that produce melanin, and “genic” means to produce. So melanogenic basically means melanin-producing. Makes sense.

What Ingredients are in Melatropin – Tanning Evolved?

I was happy to see that Melatropin didn’t have any colorants like canthaxanthin in its ingredients.


Tanning pills that contain colorants like canthaxanthin are a joke and should never be purchased, unless you want to look like an oompa loompa. The colorants are food dyes that literally dye your skin and turn it orange or yellow, depending on which kind is used.

The dye job can take weeks to go away even once you stop taking it. It’s humiliating and I’ve learned this the hard way.

Fortunately, Melatropin doesn’t include any crap like this in its ingredients, or else I wouldn’t even be writing this review.

The Melatropin – Tanning Evolved formula is made up of natural ingredients. They are:

– Beta carotene

– Pyridoxine HCL aka vitamin b6

– Copper

– L-tyrosine

– Lycopene

– Lutein

Most of these ingredients have been studied by scientists and been shown to help skin health. They are all natural and some are found in healthy foods like tomatoes and carrots.

lutein and lycopene

The product’s site has an ingredients page where they include references and links to a whole bunch of independent research. I liked seeing this because it showed that their formula was based on a lot of testing and research and they weren’t trying to be deceptive or hide anything.

However, a few other tanning pills contain some similar ingredients. But speaking from personal experience, I’ve never gotten results from any tanning pill other than Melatropin.

So why is this making me tan when all the other pills aren’t?

Does Melatropin Actually Work?

In the email I wrote to Melatropin support I talked about earlier, I also asked them what made their product unique. This was before I had started reviewing it.

They gave me a pretty detailed explanation, but basically what I got from it is that their formula contains each ingredient in its most bioactive form, and they combined them in a unique way so that each ingredient works “synergistically” together.

In other words, just buying each separate ingredient from GNC and taking them together wouldn’t work. Neither would combining them haphazardly in a capsule either.

When I first got this reply, I was skeptical. But after seeing the results that I got from Melatropin, I had to admit they must be on to something.

Finally – Actual Real World Studies

Melatropin is probably the only tanning pill I’ve ever come across that’s been clinically proven to work.

This is huge, especially since most tanning pills aren’t based on any testing and are basically worthless.

With other kinds of supplements like fat burners or preworkouts, studies are pretty common. But not so much with tanning pills (except for this one obviously).

I’ll just summarize the findings of one study here, but you can read the whole thing on the Melatropin results page of their website.

Basically, the researchers found that this stuff does actually enhance tanning in people who take it.

Melatropin Results

It was shown to improve skin tone from a tan by an average of 342% over a placebo and help people get more tan in less time.

I definitely recommend reading this study over if you want to know more about how Melatropin works after reading this review.

My Own 30 Day Results on Melatropin – Tanning Evolved

I’ve never had a huge problem being able to tan. The only thing is I tend to take a while to get any noticeable color and I burn easily if I’m not careful.

Personally, I don’t like making the time to spend hours and hours in the sun just to work on my tan. My girlfriend loves laying outside for hours, but I can’t, I get way too bored. I also don’t do spray tans or lotions.

Obviously everybody looks better with a natural tan though, and I’m no different. That’s another reason why I was really impressed by what Melatropin was able to do over my 30 day review.

From week 1, I noticed a darker, more intense shade of tan (for lack of a better way to put it) developing whenever I would spend time outside. It was instantly obvious to me because like I said before, I can get tan but it always takes me a really long time.

It was basically as if I was condensing a month of tanning into a week.

I get a decent amount of sun normally, but like I said I don’t ever just lay outside. I made sure not to increase my time in the sun at all while taking Melatropin, I just kept up with my normal activity (outdoor runs, walks, etc.). This made me think that it was definitely working.

Going into the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks, my tan kept getting darker. I also noticed a big improvement in the actual color of my skin too, not just the “darkness” level. It really was a great “bronze” color and looked very good and healthy in my opinion.

Also, I didn’t burn at all while outside, even though I didn’t have much of a “base tan” to speak of. I have to think that this was another positive effect of Melatropin Tanning Evolved.

The product’s website says that it “promotes a stunning, deep bronze tan,” a claim that seems kind of cheesy at first but I have to admit they actually back it up.

After 30 days I was not only very tan but my skin had a unique healthy “glow” to it. I can’t remember my skin ever having this quality without taking this stuff before.

I don’t consider myself very superficial, but I have to say I was very happy with the way my skin looked with such a great tan.

All told, it seems that Melatropin does really work, and I give it full marks for my review.

A Few of My Personal Recommendations

I had first heard about Melatropin from a guy I know at the gym. He told me that he had used it a few times to tan in preparation for a bodybuilding show and it had helped him every time. He had also told me about Nugenix, which I’d thought was pretty decent.

From talking to him and other users, and from my own review of Melatropin, it seems like as long as you’re getting at least a little sun, you’re going to see good results.

Depending on how dark you want to get, I’d recommend starting with a little less sun and a smaller dose at first if you just want to get a little bronzed up. The product’s website recommends this too.

Still, even though I’ve seen people intentionally get really dark while taking this stuff, they never had that “too dark” or “fake” look to their skin. It just looks like a dark natural tan. But if it concerns you at all, start with maybe half the recommended dose and work your way up.

When I first ordered from, they had a limit on how many bottles you were able to buy each order. This shouldn’t be a problem, but I guess they must be getting a lot of demand for this product, so I’d recommend snagging a bottle or 2 soon.

From what I understand, they did have a “pre-order” option on the tanning evolved website recently, so they may be having some trouble keeping up with the demand. However, the option to add to cart was restored after about a week. I talked to some frequent users who have ordered from their website recently, and none of them reported any issues with orders or delivery delays, so that’s a good sign.

Anyway, feel free to comment or shoot me an email with any questions guys.

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  1. JayJay41 says:

    Sounds good! Think I might try this…


    1. Definitely check it out.


  2. Andre P says:

    Yo bro u think this is good enouh for contest prep as is? W/o spray tan


    1. Might be but depends. My friend uses this to stay dark year round but for contests he goes with the spray tan too. Probably just comes down to personal preference. And how dark you want to get.


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